Wednesday, June 20, 2012

More Cats, Less Bobs.

The Bobcats have debuted new uniforms and the BUD is proud to bring you the newest jerseys in the NBA:

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Welcome To The Basketball Uniform Database

On behalf of Tim E. O'Brien, Jim Vilk and Matt Beahan, I'd like to welcome everyone to the Basketball Uniform Database.  A couple of things I'd like to mention that were not in the Uni Watch article, as of 6:55 AM EST this morning, we are still completing the 2011-12 team pages, so yes we are aware that some of them aren't complete.  If you'll notice all of the 2011-12 graphics use the number, that is because Tim, who has designed our graphics has decided to use the year number in all graphics, so a Lakers "87" is from the 1986-87 season, and a Bulls "96" jersey is from the 1995-96 season.

This is a different numbering convention than the Gridiron Uniform Database uses; all of Bill Schaefer's graphics use the number 11, not because we launched the GUD in 2011, nor did he use 11 just for 2011's teams, he chose 11 for both the continuity and uniformity of using the same number for all graphics, as well as the ease of the number 11.

And that's okay, not everything here at the Basketball Uniform Database is going to be like the GUD.  Things will be a little different, for instance you'll notice the yearly graphics all have the text in the BUD's colors instead of individual team colors like the GUD's have.  You'll notice the spacing of some of those is a little different to.

We know that Uni Watchers have an eye for detail, and you'll pick up on little things like that, but we wanted to let you know up front that there are little things like that that we are aware of.  The BUD is going to have its' own style separate from the Gridiron Uniform Database, and we hope you'll enjoy looking around on our site and stay with us as we add older NBA team graphics, and if you have some photographs (preferably sourced and dated) that can help us with the research, that you'll share them in our forum.

By the way, who you got in tonight's game 7?